About Our Business

At Bottomless Pit Catering, we provide a quality meal experience for your event.  From birthdays to weddings, work parties or even a family gathering, we ensure that your meal is prepared fresh and to your liking.  As of right now, we are only accepting orders for events on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays only.  As time goes on, we will expand to more days of the week.  All of our orders have a $100 minimum, and are prepared and then brought to the location of your event.  Feel free to browse our site, and visit the "Menu and Pricing" page to see all of the selections we offer through Bottomless Pit Catering. 

Meet our Employees

Whether you're looking for your main meal or dessert, our employees hold each order to the highest standard of quality. 

Valente Gonzalez


Valente is the chef behind Bottomless Pit Catering. He has 9 years of cooking experience and has worked at over 11 different restaurants. It is his dream to own his own restaurant and pizzeria. Catering gives him the opportunity to express his creative side, experiment with different ingredients and to please his customers as much as he can, with a satisfying experience that everyone can enjoy and fill their happy stomachs. 

Deanna Voss


Deanna is the baker behind Deanna's Delights and is joining forces with Valente for whatever dessert needs come by Bottomless Pit Catering.  Deanna has been baking for years and it is her second job--she is a music teacher by day.  Deanna's Delights has been in business for over 2 years and caters to high profile clients in multiple hospitals, as well as private events such as birthdays, holidays, and weddings.  Feel free to join Deanna on social media @Deannasdelights and join #Deannasbakingadventure.